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That's a Good One

A short, sweet, and memorable speech that ticks all the boxes and highlights your love for the groom. The speech starts with a focus on the guests and then takes them on the journey from meeting your groom, feelings about your relationship, to stories and thank you messages to family and friends. It ends by circling back to your guests and rounding out with final comments about your love for your new groom and your excitement for the future!

Sharing Our Special Day

A longer speech that empowers you to deliver on entertainment value and gratitude! You reveal that the relationship has opened the groom’s eyes to new things, and how you were welcomed into his family. Your insight and feelings about the groom, your relationship journey, family, and friends are thoroughly covered. The speech starts and ends with the theme of the speech – gratitude to those who are sharing this day with you, and of course, the love for your groom!