father of the bride speech

Celebrating the Bride and the couple, making the Bride feel special and giving the audience a behind-the-scenes family perspective will amuse and delight guests.

Starting my journey

Why the need for a speech?

Along with the parents of the Groom, you are the hosts of the evening and carry a responsibility to make guests feel warm, welcomed and part of the event. This relates particularly to the couple, with a special focus on the Bride. Through your speech, you can make the Bride and the couple feel like the stars of the show, and acknowledging family and friends will have guests feeling involved and excited to be part of the event.  

How do I do this?

A great Father of the Bride speech provides a parent’s perspective on the Bride and couple and shows appreciation towards the audience. Being the Father of the Bride, and speaking on behalf of you and your partner (if applicable), means you have connections with many guests and are well positioned to provided trusted background insight. With a focus on stories and characteristics of the Bride and the couple, along with acknowledging family and friends in your speech, the audience will be left feeling happy and entertained.  

What do I need to do?


In your Father of the Groom speech, you should consider the following:

  • Your audience - who are you talking to and what do they like? Give this some thought and the audience will appreciate it. Remember - the speech is about the audience, not about you, and your job is to make them feel happy and appreciated.

  • A theme - what is the overall message you are trying to send through your stories and content? Nailing this down will help get the creative juices flowing when the time comes to think of stories. 

  • A "hook"- the very first words in your speech. A comment or story that grabs the audience’s attention immediately.

  • Interesting or funny stories about the Bride and your relationship with the Bride - As someone who has raised and known the Bride her entire life, you have many stories to tell about her qualities and quirks. Including these stories will add a personal touch to the speech and make the Bride feel special.

  • Stories about how you first learned about the Bride and Groom getting together - stories about meeting the Groom, watching the Bride grow through the experience and other memorable moments from having been part of the couple’s journey are a simple way to entertain your audience, add some humour and show admiration for the couple.

  • ​Thank you messages and acknowledging family and friends relating to your side - recognising family and friends, particularly in-laws, those who have travelled long distances or have made an extra effort, and absent family and friends, ensures your connections in the audience feel acknowledged.

  • A toast and show of admiration for the couple – ending your speech on a highly positive note that encapsulates your theme will ensure that you leave your audience with feelings of love and happiness.

  • Your delivery - consider how you are delivering your speech. There may be times in your speech that you should vary your tone and volume, and times you should use gestures. These tools will help to get maximum impact, so consider this when you write your speech.

What if I get it wrong?

At SpeechForm, we believe your efforts to write your Father of the Bride Speech is not to just “get it done”, but to make the speech enjoyable, memorable and one that has people approaching you to sing their praises for your speech. After all, you will have put in a lot of effort. There is something special about making an impact on your audience, when you thought your sole job was just to “get through it”. Make sure to include the above points, otherwise you your audience may not get what they expected from your speech. And always ask yourself - what am I trying to achieve with this speech? Keep that in mind as you develop your content.


Remember to rehearse. This is a performance. The more you develop your speech and rehearse, the greater the impression you will make. Confidence through a well written speech is great, but using your voice and your body effectively only comes through practice. 


Get it right, and you will leave a lasting impression that your audience will remember long after the wedding.


For more on how to write and deliver a Father of the Bride speech, check out our Resources and Blog.

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