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How We Write a Groom Speech

Why the need for a speech?

As the Groom, you will be at the centre of your wedding party’s attention all day, but at no point more so than when you are giving your speech. Your guests want to hear from you. They are on your journey with you. They want to hear about your love for your new wife, and this is your opportunity to convey your feelings towards your audience, particularly your family and Bride. 

Traditionally, you are expected to thank your parents and in-laws and all those who have contributed to the day, tell stories about how you met your bride and in-laws, and of course, compliment your bride and express your love and admiration. Tick these boxes and you’ll do fine, but if you also organise it correctly and deliver it really well, you’ll have your audience singing your praises all evening.

How we write a Groom Speech


If your Engagement Speech was the trailer, then the Groom Speech is the film. We typically follow the structure below when creating a Groom Speech. To satisfy guests' need to feel acknowledged and part of your journey, we love to focus on your relationship, your heartfelt feelings about your new wife, and recognition of hosts and others who have helped with preparations. This speech is an "emotional rollercoaster", with the contrast of funny comments and stories, and the tear-jerking love stories and acknowledgments. This will be the final time you have to speak as the Groom, so we want to make your speech as good as it can be so that your audience is left with a great impression.



Before putting pen to paper, think about what may appropriate for your audience. Think about who will be there and what they might want to hear. Remember - a speech is for the listener, not the speaker. Do you have a conservative audience? They may not respond well to coarse language and some of your questionable jokes. Though, this may hit the spot for a bunch of friends in a casual setting. Try to keep it fun and heartfelt and add your personal twist. But, just make sure your speech also suits the tastes of your guests. 


Another thought before writing your speech - think about what message you are trying to send with the speech. It’s too easy for most to simply write something “because they have to” without thinking about what they want guests to think of the speech. Obviously, you’ll want to please your guests and wife, but consider getting more specific. Understanding this will ensure you send a clear message with your speech, and it will help you to come up with ideas. 


Welcome your guests, and consider launching straight into a comment or a story about the wedding or your wife, a question, a historical fact about the date of your weddingor an opinion about the event. This will pique the interest of your audience and have them thinking, “Hmm, didn’t expect this. What’s going to happen next?”. We like to grab the audience's attention immediately and have them wanting more. 

Ad hoc Story

There is a good chance you will have one or two stressful moments on the wedding day that others may find funny. Telling one of these stories at the start of your speech is a great opportunity to get your audience on the emotional rollercoaster.

How We Met

Following your Opening, tell everyone how you met your bride. This will start your guests on the journey of your love story and will help to set an emotional anchor point in your speech - your feelings for the bride. People love origin stories. Feel free to get creative with this story so it captivates your audience.

Her Family and Friends

Part one of the formalities. Acknowledge and thank your in-laws for all they have helped you with. This could include their support for the relationship, assistance with wedding preparations, or help with everyday life. Also - throw in a story about the moment you asked for their daughter's hand in marriage, the time you first met, or another interesting story. This will keep your audience's interest at a peak through humour and sincerity.

My Family and Friends

Acknowledgements Part Two - thanking your side of the family for their contributions to the wedding day and your life generally is a must. Paying respects your family and others who have contributed to the day will convey the right sentiment to the entire audience.

What I Love About Her

Before you finish up, circle back to the emotional anchor point to leave your guests remembering your central message - your love for your wife.


On the home stretch! Finishing with compliments and acknowledgements towards the bridal party, family, friends, and others will ensure the expected formalities are covered.


Finish up with a quote or a final comment about your wife and your marriage will round-off your speech. And, let's not forget a toast!

Your Delivery

Consider how you are delivering your speech. There may be times in your speech that you should vary your tone and volume, and times you should use gestures. These tools will help to get maximum impact, so consider this when you write your speech. For more on how to deliver a Groom Speech, check out our Resources page.

Final thoughts

At SpeechForm, we believe your efforts to write your Groom Speech is not to just “get it done”, but to make the speech enjoyable, memorable, and one that has people approaching you to sing their praises for your speech. After all, you will have put in a lot of effort. There is something special about making an impact on your audience, when you thought your sole job was just to “get through it”. Make sure to include the above points so that the audience gets what they expect from your speech. And always ask yourself - what am I trying to achieve with this speech? Keep that in mind as you develop your content.


Remember to rehearse. This is a performance. The more you develop your speech and rehearse, the greater the impression you will make. Confidence through a well-written speech is great, but using your voice and your body effectively only comes through practice. 


Get it right, and you will leave a lasting impression that your audience will remember long after the wedding.


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