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Our Relationship Theme

Reminiscing on the past on shining the spotlight on the birthday person is the theme of this speech. It is written from the perspective of a friend, though it is editable to suit any relationship. Relaxed and Balanced speeches have a hint of cheekiness about them! With a push-and-pull style compliment and humour style, the strengths and qualities of the birthday person are highlighted, and Relaxed and Balanced speeches simultaneously poke fun, but in a light-hearted way. Take the audience on a reflective journey through the adventures of younger years and wish the birthday boy or girl all the best for what lies ahead!

All You Need is Love

A lengthier speech with lots of room to add and edit stories! Delivered from the perspective of a brother, sister, or another family member, this speech focuses on the past, present, and future of the birthday boy or girl. Looking at who the birthday person was, is, and has become is highlighted using examples and stories. And although you poke fun at the birthday person, it is endearing and ensures their good qualities and strengths are remembered by the audience. The speech ends with a thank you message to the audience and best wishes for the road ahead.