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Convenience with style. Add your personal touch to our ready-to-go speech templates written by our team of speechwriters. Choose a speech and audience type that suit the wedding, or boost your choices by getting yourself a package.

Go Premium to learn how to deliver your speech like a Pro. Our speechwriters have built detailed notes and indicators into each speech, showing you how best to deliver your speech - techniques you'll only find on professional public speaking courses.

Template Packs

Not sure which speech template to pick? Get yourself a pack of three and pick the parts that suit! 

Custom Speech

Save time and effort and put our team of speechwriters to work. Have us create a fully personalised speech that will make an impact on the bridal party and wedding guests.

It's All About Her!

A descriptive speech that highlights the bride's qualities and characteristics. For maximum interest and audience engagement, the bride's resilience, kind-heartedness, and her interesting side is a focus. And - let's not forgot how well the relationship has turned out, despite wondering whether he would be able to handle the bride!  

Best Friend

A fun, easy-to-follow speech that covers all the bases. It focuses on your friendship, starting with your younger years and great times together,  leading into a description of the qualities that make her, and your friendship, great. The speech finishes with a fun yet mature summary of the bride's and groom's relationship and the part you played to make it a success!

She's My Family

A light-hearted but sincere speech with a focus on a sisterly relationship or a friendship that started as youngsters. The speech simultaneously pokes fun and compliments the bride. From your experiences with the couple, having been intimately part of the relationship from the beginning, you compliment the bride for "hitting the jackpot". The speech ends with a look into the couple's future and well wishes for what lies ahead!

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