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How To Write A Maid Of Honour Speech

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

For a specific, detailed, section-by-section guide on what to include in your Maid of Honour speech, head to our Maid of Honour Speech Example page here.

Are you thrilled because your sister from the heart or best friend is getting married? Well, congrats that you are going to be the maid of honour at the wedding! But, with all the fun, you will also take on plenty of responsibilities. As if throwing the bachelorette party wasn’t enough, you now need to write a moving speech.

No doubt you have thought about having to give an extraordinary speech at your best friend’s wedding, and now the time has come. You are writing the speech for your partner in crime, for the one who’s been with you through thick and thin. So, it needs to be special.

A good friend is the one who knows all your best stories and the best friend is the one who has lived all those stories with you. So, we are going to help you express the emotion in the perfect speech that will bring the house down and tears will roll from every eye that witnesses the moment.

So, how do you write the perfect maid of honour speech? Let’s break down the aspects and understand what you need to include. With the options of being poetic or ruthless about revealing your best friend’s stories, it is up to you to ensure only the best things about the Bride are highlighted. Here are some tips that will narrow down the key ideas for your speech.

Tip 1: Your Theme, Audience, Style and Structure

Your speech's theme, audience type, speech style, and the organisation of your speech are integral aspects of speech writing.

Firstly, the key to writing any great speech is a central theme. A major concept or message that carries through your entire speech. Not only will your message and speech be clearer to your audience, it will make it much simpler to think of ideas to write about. Make this your first task on your speech writing journey.

Secondly, understanding your audience and your style is important in delivering your speech effectively and appropriately. Your audience might be more conservative and expecting formal speech with light-hearted humour, or they may be more relaxed and more flexible with what they feel is appropriate. How this interacts with your natural speaking style is important to consider, as you want to strike the right balance between how you speak and what your audience will enjoy.

Lastly, structuring your speech in a logical, easy-to-understand order will make your speech and your messages clearer to your audience. To help with organising your speech, visit our Maid of Honour Speech Example page or use our Speech Generator to build your speech.

Tip 2: Ditch The Questionable Comments

You have been with the bride for a long time and you know a lot of stories about her life. Keep one thing in mind - you can be ruthless in a good way. Don’t say something awful that will upset the bride. Your best friend is getting married. Get personal and share the stories that always cheer her up. Let her know that you are happy that she has found someone who can handle her on the good and bad days, just like you. Become a storyteller and tell the story that will bring a smile to every face sitting in the reception.

Tip 3: Include The Groom In The Speech

Don’t let the groom sit out during the maid of honour speech. It is not just about one person. Two people are getting married and two families are coming together. You are the bridge that symbolises the deep love shared by the bride and groom. It is okay to start with just the bride, but make sure that the groom feels included in the celebration as well.

It is the maid of honour that knows how the groom has changed the bride after they got together. Mention how the groom has changed the bride for the better, and how he is the best partner for her. Tell the couple how they have inspired her and shown her what true love feels like.

Tip 4: Don’t Try To Be Funny If You Are Not

The maid of honour speech needs not be a stand-up special for the guests. You are not giving a speech that solely entertains, but also shows your heartfelt and sincere gratitude for the couple.

If you choose to include a few jokes and funny stories and you are concerned about whether they are appropriate, ask yourself a few questions to be sure. If you cannot answer "yes" to these, you should reconsider whether they should appear in your speech:

Does this fit my speech's theme and mood?

Will my audience feel comfortable with this?

Is it simple and easily understood?

Am I able to deliver this really well?

You can obviously make some jokes about the couple, mentioning how they might drive each other crazy, but don’t use inside jokes (nobody would get it). And, don't focus on jokes that seem desperate for laughs, because this usually backfires. Instead, try to develop a lighter touch. This could include - funny anecdotes or stories from the day, one-liners that blend into the context of your speech, planned comments that actually seem off the cuff, funny quotes, clever stats, wordplay, dramatic gestures, vocal variety, raising an eyebrow, extended pausing within and around your jokes, speeding up your words, and smiling (see our Resources page for more information on delivering your speech).

You have known her life stories, dreams, secret fantasies, and desires. Find humour that fits the situation perfectly and practice the speech enough to improve your confidence for the wedding day.

Tip 5: Wish the Couple Good Luck

As Mark Twain said, “To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with”.

A wedding is a bond that is chaste. And, we all have some beliefs regarding love. You don’t find love; it is love that finds a way to you. And to get the right partner in life, you need both chemistry and timing. It is a little bit destiny, little bit fate, and little bit fault in our stars that brings us to our soulmate.

Wish the couple all the best as love will be the driving force for their relationship from now on. It is said that love is something that is tested from time to time. So, tell the couple to find strength in each other for all the challenges to come.

End with Grace

Keep the maid of honour speech short and sweet. You only get around four to five minutes for the speech. And, that is enough to tell a few moments that make your bond special and sum up your love for the couple. The beloved couple will be anxious to have their first dance already.

Seek Support

It is common for people to search for speech ideas online and not think to seek support, especially not from a speech writing platform. If you’re in need of some info or assistance, check out SpeechForm’s free platform or our affordable Pro support. If the job gets too tough, you run out of time or the creative juices aren’t flowing, get in touch with our team and we’ll make the job easy.

Here’s how to do it:

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