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When we launched the Standard Eulogy Generator in 2020, only two pieces of template and example content were available per section. Of course, a Eulogy can be extremely personal, and choosing the right words can be difficult. And, who wants that during a time of grief? That’s why we wanted to help those users first – those who seek support in creating a Eulogy.

Now, writing a Eulogy is easier than it has ever been. On 2 April 2021, we launched the world’s first Premium Eulogy Generator! If you need support with writing a Eulogy, visit the Generator here and get access to your Premium Upgrade here. All possible options are now available to you:

  • Free Generator access with a limited amount of template content available

  • Generator access with the full selection of content available

  • Speech editing by one of our speechwriters

  • Full speech creation and support from one of our speechwriters

Over 80 pieces of content, totalling over 11,000 words (that’s an hour and a half of speech time!) is now available. Currently, our content is aimed more towards adults who have passed more so than children. But, we look to continually add to our content over time, and we aim to provide options for all relationship types.

We hope we’ve succeeded in our mission to ease your burden during a difficult time, to help you to honour your loved one, and to make a positive impact on your family and friends.

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