Vow to Make Your Wedding Prep Easier with the One-and-Only Wedding Vow Builder

Your wedding vows – short, simple, and easy, right? For those of you that have taken that ride, wedding vows can be one of the hardest pieces of writing you’ll ever have to navigate. In a paragraph or two, how can you tell him or her what you love about them, promise them your devotion, and perhaps throw in something funny to keep it interesting?

Wedding Vows

We’re very excited to launch another world first – our Wedding Vow Builder and Shop! Instead of scratching your head wondering what to write or scrolling endlessly through countless blogs, visit the Builder or the Shop. You’ll find:

  • Resources and information, for those who only need a bit of a helping hand

  • A free builder – a tool on which you can create your vows piece by piece with content written by our celebrants and speechwriters

  • A shop where you can buy stacks of wedding vow templates created by our expert writers and celebrants

  • Complete one-on-one support from a professional writer if you wish for us to edit your vows or write them from scratch

With close to half an hour of speaking time’s worth of content in our Builder, we hope that you’ll find everything you’ll ever need to perfect your vows. To make your vows individual and unique, all template content highlights areas to add your personal touch. Oh, and – every Shop item or Builder upgrade give you templates with built-in instructions from our expert speechwriters on how to best deliver your vows.

With wedding season approaching in the southern hemisphere, we hope our platform takes another item off your to-do list!

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