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Feel the excitement of delivering an amazing School Speech and feel the comfort of being supported by our speechwriters.

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Why a School Speech?

School and School Contest Speeches need to be persuasive, interesting, and informative to make the right impact on your audience. A successfully written and delivered speech also allows the speaker to learn valuable skills, as well as feel the rush of succeeding at the contest itself! Public speaking plays a large role in the professional world, so developing skills as a speaker will prepare you for success along your journey. If your speaking occasion fits this space, then the School Speech is for you.

How do I do this?

Given the customisation required to create a well-written School Speech, our speechwriters will create the speech for you. Complete our School Speech Information Form here and follow the prompts. Once we have your information, we will get to work on your speech. We will get in touch with you via email, and after three rounds of editing, we will send you a personalised delivery guide and a final speech you can be proud to deliver.

What goes in the speech?


In your School Speech, we will strongly consider the following:

  • Your audience - who are you talking to and what do they like? Give this some thought and the audience will appreciate it. Remember - the speech is about the audience, not about you, and your job is to make them feel a particular way about your speech and its message.

  • A theme - what is the overall message you are trying to send through your stories and content? Nailing this down will help get the creative juices flowing when the time comes to think of stories. 

  • A "hook"- the very first words in your speech. A comment or story that grabs the audience’s attention immediately.

  • Type of speech – entertaining, educational or inspirational speeches require different types of content and techniques, and may require different content organisation. Providing an outline of the type of speech you are giving will help towards crafting the perfect speech for your event.

  • Time and place – An educational, evening speech might need to be shorter and snappier. A stage or open space might allow for different gestures and movements, whereas delivering your speech behind a lectern will not. As these elements can impact your delivery, crafting your speech effectively requires these details are understood and considered in your speech.

  • Your delivery - consider how you are delivering your speech. There may be times in your speech that you should vary your tone and volume, and times you should use gestures. These tools will help to get maximum impact, so consider this when you write your speech.

What if I get it wrong?

At SpeechForm, we believe your efforts to create a School Speech is not to just “get it done”, but make the speech enjoyable, memorable, and has people approaching you to sing their praises for your speech. After all, you will have put in a lot of effort. There is something special about making an impact on your audience, when you thought your sole job was just to “get through it”. Make sure to provide information relevant to the above points to ensure the audience gets was they expect from your speech. And always ask yourself - what am I trying to achieve with this speech? Keep that in mind as you collaborate with the SpeechForm team.


Remember to rehearse. This is a performance. The more you develop your speech and rehearse, the greater the impression you will make. Confidence through a well-written speech is great, but using your voice and your body effectively only comes through practice. 


Get it right, and you will leave a lasting impression that your audience will remember long after the event.


For more on how to write and deliver a speech, check out our Resources and Blog.

School Speech Includes

Save yourself some time and get maximum impact with a speech written by a pro

Personalised Speech

Over three edits, we complete your School Speech, ensuring it is tailored to your audience type and all required speech elements are .

Delivery advice

Symbols within your speech provides quick instruction on using specific delivery techniques. Legend included for reference.

Speech notes

A Speech Notes document for use in rehearsal provides in-depth personalised guidance on using vocal variety and body language in your School Speech

What's the process?


Using your information, our speechwriters will create your speech, ensuring correct grammar, flow, and structure


Our speech writers will get in touch via email to get further information and perfect your speech


We'll email you your full speech along with a cover page and notes document containing personalised delivery advice

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