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Stand in front of your audience with a speech that inspires, persuades and entertains


 Kick start your speech 


Speech Generator access

Three templates per speech section

​Advice on delivering and developing your speech


 Next level features 

AUD 15

 Price includes GST 

Speech Generator access

30 templates per speech section


​Advice on delivering and developing your speech

Speech Notes document containing guidance on using delivery techniques specific for your speech

Branding removed


One-on-one support 

AUD 65

 Price includes GST 

Speech Generator access

One-on-one online support from a speechwriter

Two rounds of editing

Speech Notes document containing guidance on using delivery techniques specific for your speech

A cover page with personal feedback from the speechwriter

Branding removed


 100% Unique  

AUD 85

/1000 words

 Price includes GST 

All Pro features

Three rounds of editing and professional support

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Need to upgrade?

Want more template content to choose from? Or, did you create a Standard Speech and looking to upgrade to Pro? Get us to enhance your speech, complete with email consultation, added content, notes and tips.

The Pro features that help you build a speech you’re proud of and people remember

Each Pro speech includes:

A professional speech

Have one of our speech writers take your Speech Generator content and add and edit content, grammar, structure and flow

Delivery advice

Personalised advice on where to use vocal variety, gestures and other delivery techniques, all listed in your speech

Email consultation

Communicate with our speechwriters viaemail. Get professional support and help us to take your speech to the next level.

No branding

Branding removed from all supplied documents 

What's the Pro process?


Our speech writers will review your Standard Speech, add content and improve grammar, flow and structure


Our speech writers will get in touch via email to get further information and perfect your speech


We'll email you your full speech and a speech note version containing personalised advice on speech delivery techniques

Frequently asked questions

Will someone be there to help me and answer my questions?

We focus on providing support to our paid users, but try to answer everyone. We try our best to answer the same day - but this isn’t always possible. You can always review our help center for answers of your questions.

What upgrade choices to I have?

Two upgrade options are available. Firstly, you can upgrade your access to template content from three options to 30 per speech section. Templates will include technique symbols to assist you in your delivery of the speech, as well as a Speech Notes document, containing detailed delivery instructions in templates throughout your speech. Secondly, you can upgrade your Standard Speech to a Pro Speech. Our speech writers will consult with you, add stories and other content to enhance your speech, edit grammar, structure, and flow. Our speechwriters will also provide you with speech notes that contain detailed and personalised information on how to best deliver your speech.

Can I download my speech in word doc?

Yes. Our documents download as in a word document , which ensures your speech remains editable after it is generated and downloaded.

If something goes wrong and it’s SpeechForm’s fault, can I get a refund?

If we make a mistake or something breaks, affecting your ability to use SpeechForm, we can offer you a refund.

Is my private data secure?

Speeches are deeply personal documents. We understand that, so we never share your information with third parties, except trusted partners used to provide you with a stable and enjoyable experience when using SpeechForm. Aside from that, you’re in control of your data and can delete your account any time. For more info, check out our privacy policy.

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